Michael King Artist

I hesitate to call myself "self taught" because although I have no formal training, I have for over 50 years poured over the drawings, paintings and works of other artist.

Portraits and landscapes are my first loves, however I just plain love drawing and painting anything. 

Andrew Wyeth is my all-time favorite artist, however the list is so extensive I wouldn't dare even try to list them all.  I guess part of the reason he is, is because of the incredible detail and emotions he conveyed in his egg tempera paintings.  David Gray, Cesar Santos & Peter Poskas are some of my many Favorite living Artists!

I live in a small town in South Carolina but grew up all over the United States since my father was a career man in the Marine Corps.  We lived in California, New Mexico, Arizona, North Carolina and South Carolina.  I also served two years in the Marine Corps myself and went to Sunny Tropical Vietnam.  I was in the first troop withdrawals and was attached to the Navy and went to Japan, Okinawa, Philippines, Guam, Korea and a few other places in my short tour.

I am married to Sue, the same wonderful woman for over 43 years and have a Son, Mac, a Daughter, Haley, four grandsons, Dylan, Braydan, Jace & Cooper,  Plus  a great daughter-in-law, Shannon and son-in-law, Blake.  I guess I need to mention my favorite pet, Hannah our English Springer Spaniel and we have 4 rescued cats and one or more we feed!

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