Michael King Artist

NOTE!  Larger pieces require Crating, Shipping, Handling and insurance can add considerably 

"Tuscany Morning" 24"x48" Oil on canvas. 
There is little vistas that share the rich greens and earth tones like the hills of Italy. ... 
AVAILABLE   $2.000.00 with frame plus shipping crating & handling. 

Riverwalk  16" x 20" oil ... SOLD

"Pasture Shadows"  24" x 48" Oil on heavy 1-1/2" deep stretched canvas.  
AVAILABLE $1200  with frame plus shipping & crating & handling

"Cumulonimbus"  24" x 20" oil on stretched canvas.  AVAILABLE  $350.00 plus shipping & handling

Chau Ram Park 16" x 20" oil on canvas  AVAILABLE  $350 with frame, shipping and handling extra

"The Outer Banks" 16" x 20" oil
AVAILABLE $400.00 (with the frame!) plus shipping & handling if needed.

Copy of "The Gleaners" by Millet  
16" x 20" oil painting on stretched canvas.   
AVAILABLE  $800 with frame Shipping extra

"Chau Ram Park Waterfall" 16" x 20" on stretched canvas.  Completely done Plein Aire.  SOLD
"Charleston Battery Gazebo"  Oil on 24x36 canvas  SOLD

"Butterfly Lakes at Middle Place Plantation"  24" x 48"  oil. Private Commission NFS
"Middleton Place Plantation House & Wall"  24" x 36" oil -  Commissioned work  NFS

Middleton Place Plantation Pond, 24x36 oil   
Private Commission NFS

The Pink House, Charleston,  Oil,  16" x 20" SOLD

"Coke Stop"  16" x 20" oil on stretched canvas.  SOLD
"Hay Field on Midway"  Oil on 5-3/8" x 14" x 1/8" tempered Masonite.  AVAILABLE  $75.00 plus shipping.

Pineapple Fountain in Charleston, S.C.  24" x 36" on stretched canvas.  SOLD

"Young Man Fishing on Lake Hartwell"  11" x 14"  Oil on stretched canvas.  AVAILABLE  $200, plus shipping if needed.

"St Philip's in Charleston" 12" x 24" Oil.   SOLD

"Charleston Battery Gazebo"  12" x 24" Oil.  SOLD

Charleston's White Point Garden Gazebo  11x14 oil on stretched canvas AVAILABLE Was $250 plus shipping, Now $150, plus shipping

Honfleur Cafe

"Honfleur Cafe" 12" x 16" oil on stretched canvas ... AVAILABLE  $400. plus shipping

"Carriage Ride" 16" x 20" AVAILABLE  $200, plus shipping

"County Seat"  36" x 24" oil on 3/4" stretched canvas.  AVAILABLE $500, plus shipping. 
Country Stroll - 16x20 oil    SOLD

"Carolina Dunes"  11" x 14" original oil painting on stretched canvas.  SOLD

Winter Sunflowers - finished
"Winter Sunflowers"  Finished, 24" x 36" oil on stretched canvas.
"Shrimp Boat at Folly Beach" - 16" x 20" Oil on stretched canvas.  Available  $300.00 plus shipping and handling.

"Carriage Ride on Rainbow Row" 11" x 14" on stretched canvas - SOLD

"Summer Maple"  8" x 10" Oil on stretched canvas.  Plein-Air painting.  AVAILABLE $150 plus shipping and handling if needed. 


"Rolling In" 24" x 36" Oil on Stretched Canvas -

Available $800

Plus shipping & handling  (unframed)


     Long Shoals Roadside Park, 8" x 10" Oil Painting on stretched canvas  Available $100.

"Home"  16" x 20"  AVAILABLE  $300, plus shipping

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All paintings & drawings are without frames unless specifically noted.