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YOU CAN BE ASSURED OF THE VERY BEST IN QUALITY AND I HAVE GONE TO A PROFESSIONAL GRADE OF OIL PAINTS (M. GRAHAM).   PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.   If you have a question, please email me, I will be glad to give you a Firm, Specific Quote.   All sales are final, No returns.  PayPal Available.
Portraits done from photos must have The photo approved first.  Close ups off the face is needed.
For questions or special quotes please  Email to
Generally 4 to 8 weeks is needed to complete single person oil portrait, to allow proper drying time and depending on my work load.
A 50% Non-Refundable Deposit is Required with All Orders and the balance due upon completion.  Packing & Shipping extra if needed.  



Oil Portrait Prices... 
NOTE: Oil Portraits begin at $600. for  One person on the Canvas with plain brushed background, head and upper shoulders, full color. Pets are the same prices.  Custom backgrounds with furniture, scenery, etc. are quoted individually.
Portraits with Additional people, minimum size is 18” x 24” for two people.  Add 80% for each additional person.  Sizes of the canvas will increase as needed.

I will do portraits from photographs that an individual has if possible.  The very best portraits are not done from photos done by the individual or in some cases even professional photographers.  The lighting and color choices for full color oil paintings needs to be carefully sought.   I prefer having a sitting with the person where I will take photos and at times make quick sketches and color notations that give me better insights into the person's character.  Travel, Lodging and food expenses are added to the prices for these special arrangements.

Miscellaneous  Information

If you are too far away to view the finished painting, I will send you a copyrighted image of the portrait for your approval.  

If you are not satisfied with it,  
It is VERY IMPORTANT for the customer to realize that art by its very nature is subjective.  I do not strive for what is called photo realism or hyper realism.  Those are like actual photos.  I do however seek to make the portrait look as much like the person as possible but in a painterly fashion.  (The potential customer should be familiar with my style, and I will provide at your request a couple of photos I have used and finished portraits for your inspection.) I will make my best effort to correct what you are not satisfied with.  .

All copyright on all works of art even when sold are retained by me unless provisions are made on completion of the sale. 

Other Photo Information: 
Portraits done from photos made by a professional photographer must have written/emailed permission from the photographer for use due to copyright laws.

Other Paintings and Drawings on my website that are for sale are priced there.

Commissioned work for other things such as homes, landscapes, still lifes, etc. are based on my estimation of the time required to do the painting, plus materials.  Framing and shipping is extra.  A discussion of styles the customer wants is very helpful in this.  For example, a quick, loose "plein air" or Alla prima style naturally will take much less time than a near photo realistic painting.