Michael King Artist

NOTE!  Larger pieces require Crating, Shipping, Handling and insurance can add considerably 

"Tonalist Terrain #1"  16" x 20" oil  AVAILABLE  $200

"In Salt Water Marshes"  16" x 20"  oil


The Charleston Battery.  36" x 72" x 2-1/2"   Oil. (Work in Progress)  (Commissioned)

"Springfield, Site 27"   

Inquire about this work

A Plein Air painting of the ACT building and others in Anderson, SC.  SOLD
The State Theater operated as a movie house from 1939 to 1972. In its earlier years, the State Theater also featured live acts. It is now a live theater venue called the Alverson Center Theater (ACT Theater), and before that was called the Anderson Community Theater.

"Awaiting Spring" Davidson River, Pisgah Forest
6" x 20" oil on canvas. Finished,

Rainbow Row (WIP) Commissioned 24x36 oil

Spring Fishing  11x14 oil on stretched canvas  
Inquire about this work

Riverwalk  16" x 20" oil ... SOLD

"Pasture Shadows"  24" x 48" Oil on 1-1/2" deep stretched canvas.  

Chau Ram Park 16" x 20" oil on canvas   (Donated to Cancer Association of Anderson for benefit at the "Girlfriend's Tea" at the Civic Center)


Outer Banks  SOLD

Copy of "The Gleaners" by Millet  
16" x 20" oil painting on stretched canvas.   
Inquire about this work

"Chau Ram Park Waterfall" 16" x 20" on stretched canvas.  Completely done Plein Aire.  SOLD
"Charleston Battery Gazebo"  Oil on 24x36 canvas  SOLD

"Butterfly Lakes at Middle Place Plantation"  24" x 48"  oil. Private Commission NFS
"Middleton Place Plantation House & Wall"  24" x 36" oil -  Commissioned work  NFS

Middleton Place Plantation Pond, 24x36 oil   
Private Commission NFS

The Pink House, Charleston,  Oil,  16" x 20" SOLD

"Coke Stop"  16" x 20" oil on stretched canvas.  SOLD

Pineapple Fountain in Charleston, S.C.  24" x 36" on stretched canvas.  SOLD

"St Philip's in Charleston" 12" x 24" Oil.   SOLD

"Charleston Battery Gazebo"  12" x 24" Oil.  SOLD

Charleston's White Point Garden Gazebo  11x14 oil on stretched canvas Inquire about this work

Honfleur Cafe

"Honfleur Cafe" 12" x 16" oil on stretched canvas ... 

Inquire about this work

"Carriage Ride" 16" x 20" Inquire about this work

"County Seat"  36" x 24" oil on 3/4" stretched canvas.   
Available $200
Country Stroll - 16x20 oil    SOLD

"Carolina Dunes"  11" x 14" original oil painting on stretched canvas.  SOLD

"Carriage Ride on Rainbow Row" 11" x 14" on stretched canvas - SOLD

"Summer Maple"  8" x 10" Oil on stretched canvas.  Plein-Air painting.  Inquire about this work


"Rolling In" 24" x 36" Oil on Stretched Canvas -

Private Collection


     Long Shoals Roadside Park, 8" x 10" Oil Painting on stretched canvas  Inquire about this work

"Home"  16" x 20"  Inquire about this work

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