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Some will be for sale when they are completed. Please contact me if you are interested in any of them. 
Calvary Commission  WIP 24x36
Mostly complete, only a few very small changes. Commissioned 30x40.
The Serpent Queen  Samantha Morton as Catherine de' Medici
11x14  WIP

Griet from the movie: Girl with a Pearl Earring  11x14 oil  WIP

Finished this16x20 of Claude A., (he hasn't seen it) He was a terrific boss at Sears back in the early to mid 70's and taught me a lot about working with my hands in carpentry. Lives in Wilmington now. I'm sending this to him when I finish. A really great man!

39" x 39" Amalfi Coast Oil

Russian Man 11x14 oil sketch
4 am. 062922. GLEANERS ... I think I am often Obsessed with different things at times. Up since about 1 am painting on this. Constantly improving, making changes, adding detail. BTW ... this is part of a painting by the great Julien Dupre. (1851-1910) It is not meant to be a master's copy because I did not strive to make it exactly like his. My personal nuances make it my own to a degree. I love his painting so much, one day I may paint the whole composition and much larger than this 16x20
The sad part (at least for me) I likely will never sell this and recover even my costs and certainly not my time.

Me as Ben Franklin WIP

My partial copy of Amerling_Bildnis'_Mrs_Plach_Anagoria (1850)
AVAILABLE when dry
John G.  11x14 oil WIP

Michael Shane Neal WIP 11x14

Lee ... 11x14