Oil Portraits & Figures

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Mrs Claus  16x20 oil on stretched canvas.  $600 plus shipping

Tribute to Nelson Shanks 11x14 oil  AVAILABLE   $600 plus shipping
Finished! My 12"x24" My copy of Norman Rockwell's portrait of Richard Nixon.  NFS

Copy of Sir Thomas Gresham, portrait c. 1554 by Anthonis Mor.  11x14
(AVAILABLE when dry) $1000
The Honorable John W. Tucker (Private Collection)
Zelma Dodgens 16x20 for her 100th birthday!
"Tasha"  11x14 oil.  Commissioned
Prof. Snape (from Harry Potter)  11x14 oil   SOLD!

"Sarah in the 20's"  11x14   AVAILABLE when dry.  $800 plus shipping
"Albert"  AVAILABLE even wet!  $1000  16x20
Lady in Green _Birgitte Smoot 11x14 Fini
AVAILABLE when dry  $1000
"Radio" (James Robert Kennedy)  11x14   oil  (Private Collection)

 Young Chief  11x14  Available  $800

"Day Lilly"  color study  16x20 oil.   AVAILABLE  $1000 plus shipping

Self Portrait  22"x28"


Tribute to Nelson Shanks  11x14  $800 plus shipping


 After Nelson Shanks Elena and Eden Finished. 12x16 oil.


My copy of Jules Breton's self portrait. 16"x20"  AVAILABLE  $1000 plus shipping


Stretcher Bearing in Difficulties my copy of Gilbert  Rogers

12"x24"  oil  AVAILABLE  $800


"Lavender" 11x14  oil  (WIP)
"General Thomas Moore" my copy of original painting by artist named: 
Grisha about 1820 +-.
24" x 30" oil.   (Commission for Private Collector)


"2020 Thinking Santa"  16x20  SOLD!

Portrait of the Artist 11x14  Available $800

Aureole  18x24 oil  NFS

Isabella Rossellini  11x14  oil   AVAILABLE  $800

Blue with Blue (11x14 oil)  AVAILABLE  $800

Daniel Gong 11x14 oil  Private collection
"Griet" 11x14 oil  AVAILABLE  $800

"The Window"  16x20 oil on stretched canvas  SOLD

"Adoration of the Shepherds" 16"x20" oil on stretched canvas ...
After Gerard van Honthorst's painting, 1622.
$2000 with frame

"Street Musician" 16" x 20" oil from approved photo by John Hagar ..SOLD, with frame,
"The Prophet"  16" x 20" oil on stretched canvas - SOLD

homeless crack addict
"Crack Addict" part of a series of portraits of homeless people.  This was from an approved photo by Les Jacobs of Africa.  16" x 24" on stretched canvas $800
Haley - 8" x 10" - Private Collection

Jim Moore (private collection) 11x14

"Boy with a Toy"  8" x 10" oil on stretched canvas  with Frame $800

Private Collection